The Midwest Model Process:

We do more for our talent than any other agency in the Midwest.

We are a great alternative for new models and actors entering the industry for several reasons:
Our contracts do not "auto-renew" like other agencies.
We take less from the pay, generally.
We focus on Safety, Honesty, and Integrity.

Best of all we do head shots of our models and actors, saving you hundreds of dollars of initial investment.
If we believe in you, we invest in you.

Clients can view models and talent online without registration.
What can I expect at a Midwest Model photo shoot?:

We do our own photography; we do not out-source it. We do not send models or actors to third party photographers unless that talent is several hundred miles away from us.
Expect a clean, safe environment. We expect you to bring another adult with you if you are new to Midwest Model. We want a clean fresh look. We do not charge you for the photo shoot - we are investing in you as a model. If we travel to you, expect a half hour set up time and lots of changing of lights to get the right light.
Many times we do your shoot at a middle location close to the photographer and you. Studio shots are done typically in our Boone studio.

Send us an email with the following information:
(Adults must apply for anyone under 18)

Women  -  Bust:            Waist:             Hip:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Email address:
Nearest City:
Parent Name: (if applicable)

Email this information to:
Include a couple photos. Minimal Makeup or none at all please.
Men, please no bare-chested photos.
No photo editing. And Smile!
What we look for:

For models, we look for beautiful people no matter their height. Oval faces tend to get more work worldwide, and we tend to lean that way as well. Symmetry is important.

For actors, we look for screen presence. We do work with new actors.

We look for all ages.

Heavier lady models need to be at least 5'9" tall. But faces still have to be oval. And hair needs to be one color and natural looking.  Plus size models are pretty restricted to clothing modeling. There is almost no call for heavier plus size child models. Actors can be all shapes and sizes.

Your head shots have to look clean and clear and look professional. An agency or customer need to know exactly what you look like in person. The model that shows up for a casting call has to look like the photo they have of you.

Child models under the age of thirteen need new photos every six months. They simply change too quickly!
Not all applicants will be accepted. Certain criteria apply to modeling and acting.
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