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Instead of "Conferences" we build portfolios.
Some may wonder why we do not offer classes or are involved in talent conventions. Simply put, those things are designed to make money off of the talent instead of making the talent money.
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Colored Glass
By Dawn Westbrook
iveting through the smoky mess of the talent industry led David Whitney to determine that things had been a certain way for far too long. Over and over and over again he heard the stories. Witnesses to the events; the pageants mostly, dressed-up shows to dazzle and mystify the participants, especially the young girls.
  So much hoopla and spine tingling grandiose skewed forward in an array of wild dreams.
Dreams are what little girls are made of. So many dreams come to a crashing halt when after the loving and doting Mamma and Daddy come to the terrible realization that they just spent their kids college money on a week long talent camp hoe-down in New York or Los Angeles.
  And now the kids have no work, no phone calls and the dream is shattered.
Like colored glass on the hard cold concrete.
  Bitterness sets in and and breaking through that disparagement to convince another parent that Midwest Model Agency doesn't do these things and does not condone them in any way.
It takes some convincing.
  David looks into the camera lens sitting on his desk.
  “There is a belief out there that if you take a few photos, and pay a lot for them, that you will automatically get paid modeling work in major fashion magazines.”
   “Oh they cover themselves appropriately, these would be career-makers, with words like 'We can't guarantee she will find work' and “She has that 'it' factor look though, so you never know!”
   “A teenager sent me an application. After looking over her photos I came to the conclusion that she did not have a future in modeling. It was painfully and honestly something I did almost every week. You see, the fashion industry doesn't care about right and wrong unless it suits it's a political agenda. It is run by a politically correct majority – whatever that means.”
  “You have to conform to the fashion industry's norms. The way they do things. But you see there are no fashion police. They think they know what they are doing, but most of it is smoke and mirrors.
  Imagery and high gloss. But sometimes the higher the gloss means the lower the value.
  We give people, especially young girls, the opportunity to achieve something that they may not find anywhere else. A realistic perspective and attainable goals.
  And that is what people really want. It's just not being shared.”

Dawn Westbrook
Lueur Magazine 2019