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For our Parents and new Models:

Since 2014 we provide models and photography for fashion shows and events,  catalog quality models for apparel, makeup and accessories, and television and video commercials. You can peruse our website and Instagram and Facebook for our models. For nine years we have built a new kind of agency from the ground up.
Other agencies have to charge the talent for photos and events but we don't do that. We don't sign a model just because they have money to burn. Over 100 portfolios and headshot sessions adds up to tens of thousands saved by our models. If you do have a large budget, we can direct you to spend your money wisely and avoid the talent agency conferences others recommend.

How does a model get started?
   After the photos have been looked at, we interview on the phone or in person. We always encourage new models to have an another adult with them. Ask any tough questions. Once we decide if we want to sign the model, we shoot their photos at our studio if needed. If the model cannot travel to us, they can provide their own photos and video at their own expense. Fashion models need portfolios. Commercial models need headshots.

Natalia is the fashion stylist.

Dawn is our Agency spokes model.

David is our published fashion photographer and videographer. You can see some of his work and our models at Texas made handbags. David has recently added wedding shoots publicly at a crazy price, having done them for just friends and family prior.

Midwest Model LLC is a unique modeling agency located in the historical landmark Livery building in Boone, Iowa for one simple reason. It's a great location for model shoots and saves us a fortune in office and studio costs.

If you are a parent looking into us then keep in mind that we encourage safety and privacy. We support the Iowa Businesses Against Trafficking. A happy model is a safe model and one who eats something before a long shoot day.

What do we look for?

Men 18 and up. Women 12 and up. We do look for the typical model type individuals, but we also seek models based mostly on the face, over the figure. Kids 4 to 11. Men with white or silver hair for commercial ads.

The Midwest Model Team

David Whitney
Owner, Photographer,
Agent, Editor
Dawn Westbrooke
Assistant, Spokesmodel
Natalia Alyosha
Assistant, Fashion Stylist