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For Talent:
Head shots and Portfolios (no charge)
Video Production
Film Projects
Talent Website Listing
Industry Advisory
Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Contracts
Industry Representation and Promotion
Special Talent Projects and Promotions
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Our History:

Midwest Model began a little over three years ago when Fan Film maker David Whitney started making films using mostly green screen. After several films, and after hearing multiple stories from talent throughout Iowa, it was decided to begin a new kind of talent agency that offered an alternative to the status quo.

Some commercial studios expressed a need for an alternative as well.

Based in Boone Iowa at the versatile (and huge) Midwest Model Studio, we create film and portfolios for our talented people.

We call these things "tangible assets." Things talent need to showcase themselves. And we add these people to our list of talent here at the website and online with Facebook.

David Whitney
Instead of "Classes" we make films.
Instead of "Conferences" we build portfolios.
Some may wonder why we do not offer classes or are involved in talent conventions. Simply put, those things are designed to make money off of the talent instead of making the talent money. In general we offer more pay than our competitors.