Copyright 2021 Midwest Model Agency
A lot of kids get used by the talent industry. We exist to try to prevent that. That was our number one goal when we got started. Our scond goal is to become the best agency in the Midwest and to provide real opportunities for hopeful models.

For over six years we have provided opportunities for models in the Midwest in a unique and cost-free way.
We provide services no other agency can provide.
We do not recommend the usual route to modeling.
We are unique and helpful in ways that are surprising.
We can take a model as far as they can go.
There are realities in the modeling industry that have to be dealt with but often can be circumvented.
We are changing the way things are done because they need to be changed.
Midwest Model Agency was formed by David Whitney, whose claim to fame is his almost-relationship with a recording contract, with the manager of the Doobie Brothers - Victor Peratti.

The goal of MMA is to fix the problem of the talent and modeling agency system and how things usually are done.

When an agency is not making income by taking their twenty percent, they often create revenue by charging the talent for things that seem very model related like Modeling Classes, Modeling Conferences and Photo Packages.

The fact is they know that the numbers in general are not good for new talent finding work. The agency is being relied upon for the best advice. Unfortunately, spending thousands on a conference is not the best choice. If a model wants to spend money to get the attention of the industry there are ways to do that responsibly.

So after we sign the model, we take care of any photos or videos needed, and create a goal sheet for that individual. We do not sign everyone who applies.

Models come and go, but no can say or will ever be able to say that this agency led them the wrong way or took their money with no results.
This agency has been built in a way that does not involve a lot of overhead costs. Namely, David, the owner, is also the photographer, the photo and video editor, the promoter and the website editor. In this way we bypass most of the costs associated with modeling.
Our studio is in Boone is a great location and a beautiful classic building.
Our photo locations in Kansas City MO and Omaha are provided at almost no cost to us.

This is modeling the right way.
Why Don't We Charge Fees?
Midwest Model is not aligned with SAG-AFTRA nor are we interested in any way. In our opinion models and actors can work for whoever wants to hire them and we prefer not to be controlled by an actors union. Groups that sign with them are controlled in many ways. From Wikipedia: "On February 7, 2021, SAG-AFTRA announced that former U.S. President Donald Trump, who resigned from the group on February 4, 2021, would be barred from ever rejoining due to alleged attacks on journalists and obstructing the peaceful transfer of power to the next president. "
In our view this obnoxious and outrageous behavior on part of the union against an American President has no part in American Society. Apparently they consider themselves judge and jury.
Individual models and actors are under no obligation to sign with them, but they may do so if they wish. But any contract signed by any outside group with our talent has no bearing on our agency because we are not signed with SA.