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Midwest Model Agency: A Step in the Right Direction

The goal of Midwest Model Agency is to provide an alternative to the talent and modeling industry and they the way things have been done for decades. Providing real modeling opportunities and guidance in a system that is designed to lead young models on a confusing road of pageants and contests without supplying the answers and direction they really need. Midwest Model is now over four years in the building, and it continues to grow and reach out to the Midwest community with an alternative way to learn about the talent and modeling industry without sacrificing finances best used for education and asset making.
  We are not here to proudly boast of our differences, but to state emphatically that we care about people on a personal level. We are not here to become part of the establishment.
  Lueur is another step in the right direction. Fantastic models from Iowa and beyond can become part of an “editorial” photo shoot without having to travel to remote parts of the country.
  Part of what Lueur shows the world is that beauty is found all over. Midwest USA models are made and grown in Iowa and end up all over the world.
  The fashion and talent industry is struggling to hold on to their bases of operation in large coastal cities, even though the Internet has made this no longer a necessity. Talented people no longer have to move to Hollywood or New York or Miami to have careers in the fashion, modeling and entertainment industry.
  As the owner of Midwest Model and now Leuer Fashion, I have compared the faces and talent of our own to talent in these large cities and we stack up against them and in some cases, overtake the level of outstanding beauty portrayed on the listings of mainstream fashion markets.
  We have a situation that is unique and perhaps a little terrifying to those who use ignorance of the system for purely profitable means, rather than a combination of ethical high standards mixed with creative marketing strategies.
  We are open to communication with investors now that we have achieved a new level of professionalism and are more recognized by the Midwest community. We seek advertisers for Lueur fashion as we intend to print limited amounts of magazines. You'll find most fashion publications are no longer sharing their distribution numbers for obvious reasons. The Internet has eroded sales and subscriptions.
  We feel that because subscription sales have appeared to decrease dramatically so has the quality of these publications. Many seek to ride the wave of political correctness and it does not appear to be working.
  Lueur Fashion will not be a mouthpiece for political parties or agenda driven groups. We are only interested in Fashion, Beauty, Models, Family and quality fashion products for it's subscribers and fans.

Best Regards,
David Whitney
Midwest Model Agency
Colored Glass
By Dawn Westbrook
iveting through the smoky mess of the talent industry led David Whitney to determine that things had been a certain way for far too long. Over and over and over again he heard the stories. Witnesses to the events; the pageants mostly, dressed-up shows to dazzle and mystify the participants, especially the young girls.
  So much hoopla and spine tingling grandiose skewed forward in an array of wild dreams.
Dreams are what little girls are made of. So many dreams come to a crashing halt when after the loving and doting Mamma and Daddy come to the terrible realization that they just spent their kids college money on a week long talent camp hoe-down in New York or Los Angeles.
  And now the kids have no work, no phone calls and the dream is shattered.
Like colored glass on the hard cold concrete.
  Bitterness sets in and and breaking through that disparagement to convince another parent that Midwest Model Agency doesn't do these things and does not condone them in any way.
It takes some convincing.
  David looks into the camera lens sitting on his desk.
  “There is a belief out there that if you take a few photos, and pay a lot for them, that you will automatically get paid modeling work in major fashion magazines.”
   “Oh they cover themselves appropriately, these would be career-makers, with words like 'We can't guarantee she will find work' and “She has that 'it' factor look though, so you never know!”
   “A teenager sent me an application. After looking over her photos I came to the conclusion that she did not have a future in modeling. It was painfully and honestly something I did almost every week. You see, the fashion industry doesn't care about right and wrong unless it suits it's a political agenda. It is run by a politically correct majority – whatever that means.”
  “You have to conform to the fashion industry's norms. The way they do things. But you see there are no fashion police. They think they know what they are doing, but most of it is smoke and mirrors.
  Imagery and high gloss. But sometimes the higher the gloss means the lower the value.
  We give people, especially young girls, the opportunity to achieve something that they may not find anywhere else. A realistic perspective and attainable goals.
  And that is what people really want. It's just not being shared.”

Dawn Westbrook
Lueur Magazine 2019

Fresh Faces! New Models!
Midwest Model has become the leader in the Midwest and Iowa for stunning beautiful fashion models of all kinds. Runway, Fitness, Fashion, Swimsuit, Catalog, Commercial and more.
Although our talent is loaded with female models, we have voice over talent, men and children as well. Actors and models. Talented and experienced. And some rookies.
We help young new talent get setup in modeling and explore the possibilities without the financial risk.
Our studio is located in Boone, Iowa but we travel all over Iowa and other nearby states for talent and events.
None of our talent are listed with other agencies in Iowa. Look over our website to see who you love.
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A word from the Agent on a Friday Night:
For all the men who pretend they are big deals and are "great photographers with connections" that hound our beautiful models on Instagram and Facebook accounts, I'd like to say - get a clue. Our models are professionals. We don't do nudes and we don't care how important you think you are. If you are a pro, contact the agent. Provide contact Information and a physical address. Send a pay rate. Collab? Maybe. Free photos? No. Other than that, forget it. We do all our own photography to protect our talent from scams and a waste of time and money. We see all your photos. We can do it all too. Here's a hint: Try manual focus once in a while. Concentrate on FOCUSING. Don't be a DIVA. No one cares. You want $300 for a photo session but don't want to pay a model for their time? Ridiculous. Photographers should pay models, not the other way around. Feel free to share.