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Q: How Much Does it Cost to Model with Midwest Model Agency?

A: Most Agencies, if not all, have more overhead costs than we do. We don't have to charge you anything to get your portfolio prepared. Although some just need headshots.

Q: What if I am not in the Midwest, can you still help me?

A: Depending on your needs, we do have people who are very far away from us.

Q: Your website says you have a studio. What does that mean?

A: Our photo and video studio is provided by Midwest Model Agency for all our shoots in  Iowa. We also have locations that we use at no cost to us or very little cost in Kansas  City and Omaha.

Q: How do models get work?

A: Typically an agency has to wait for a call or an email from a client. Which we get, but  we also have programs that make our talent money.

Q: Do I have to be tall and skinny to be a model?

A: The modeling industry almost always portrays that female models need to be 5 foot 8  inches, and men 6 feet tall. They also want certain measurements for women. It is helpful  to be fit and slim. But if a model is spectacular, then measurements don't matter.

Q: How do I know if I can be a model?

A: Anyone can be a commercial model. What it comes down to is if you have any marketable qualities about your look. Looking average can be marketable. Fashion and Runway models need to look great in photos.

Q: Can you name a client?

A: Conair

Q: Who is your most recent client?

A: Raviani

Q: Why should I choose Midwest Model Agency over any other agency to model with?

A:   Agencies that recommend conferences in LA and NY and such don't have your best interest in mind. We treat our talent very well to the point of spoiling our models. Our program is in direct opposition to many "talent agencies" . We can get a model as far as they can go depending on their look, commitment, location, and time constraints. And we can prove it on the phone. But not here.

Q: If I were a customer, why should I work with you?

A: We can provide more than what most agencies can provide. Including reduced costs for shoots.

Q: Are photo shoots free for kids too?

A: Our models ages range from 12 to 99. Kids 3 to 11 require new photos every six months. For this reason the parents must provide photos for Midwest Model to use.

Q: There is a group coming into our city seeking talent at an event. It's expensive. Should I attend?

A: Most talent events are scams. Even ones with some impressive names attached.

Q: What about "Fashion Week" events?

Q: Fashion Weeks are usually very fun and can give a potential model an idea what a real industry runway is like. But they aren't usually designed to get you signed or work in the industry. Each one should be looked into for their worth. Industry runway models almost always have to be at least 5 foot 8 inches tall and are usually signed to a top agency. Runway events that are charity based are the best kind from our perspective for the hopeful model.

Q: Does Midwest Model still do the "Rock the Runway" event?

A: For model marketing reasons, we have changed our public events to private events.