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Modeling the Right way
Changing the System Takes Time

For every hopeful teenager who dreams of being a model there are wolves roaming about trying to cash in on those dreams. When it comes to beauty pageants, the contestants have to pay to get in. It kind of dims the gloss a bit.
Beauty pageants, contests, classes, conferences, photo-packages, all the different ways used to milk parents for money goes on and on but the buck stops at Midwest Model Agency.
You see we believe a talent agency should make money off of the clients not the talent.
  The industry is changing, not of it's own free will, but because of the Internet and in this industry there is a real lack of information being shared, which I think is deliberate.
You may not like what you hear but we are not going to spoon feed it to you.
We find models, we build them up, we set them loose.
~ David
Modeling the Right way
Why do "talent" agencies and "model" agencies ask for so much money and demand you use their photographer? To raise money of course. That's not real modeling, it's fun, sure, but it's a waste of money. $5000 for New York? Exciting! Vegas? Thrilling!
If a real agency thinks your talent is good, then shouldn't you get treated like it is? Real modeling isn't pageants. It's Portfolios. It's modeling clothes. It's video and acting.
We make goals. We create plans for individuals.
Then we work hard.
Contracts are Scary!
Our contracts are completely different. You have choices.

What do we do for fun?
Photo shoots, Video shoots, Collaboration shoots, Commercial Shoots, and we work with Starfleet Studios for Fan Films that get seen by hundreds of thousands. For the Kids too.
We do a runway every year. We do have runway practice and that means we need you there. There is no charge!
Why are we doing this?
Because someone had to step forward and change the Industry.

Since nothing like it exists elsewhere we have created a clothing policy for teen girls. There are limits to the types of photos and videos we do or support.