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YouTube Shadow Bans Channels that do not conform to their agenda. Finding paid modeling work for any model is challenging, and if you follow Instagram or TikTok, many models who used to rely on the Modeling Industry are leaving it.

Models get paid the old-fashioned way with paid jobs from advertisers. But even some of the most beautiful models do not. It's frustrating.

     For Models, Not Hollywood

Revenue on YouTube was going better and better.
We had hundreds of videos and then someone at YouTube struck down our channel with no explanation. You may have heard of other YouTubers getting hit. We got most of our videos back up, but by then revenue was cut in half.

How can you help? By becoming a paid partner with Midwest Model Agency. Behind the scenes. But there are rules and limits.

Fans of our models have donated in the past but one of them began to try to contact the model to get their attention. Privacy of the models is number one. So we have to end the naming of a particular model for this partnership.

This time 100 percent of donations after transfer fees will go toward paying a model to do a fashion shoot wearing name brand or non-name brand outfits. But "picking" a model is not part of the donation.

As a paid partner you will get emailed links to unlisted videos and special photo shoots and videos. You can even make suggestions for new photo shoots.  We cannot make public the names of donors due to the fear of reprisals.

Email us the time and amount of your donation so we can keep you in the loop. As the donations grow, so too will the perks and benefits.
Click on Model Donation button or the QR Code.